Fall at the Foreman’s

I know I am not in the minority when I say this but I LOVE FALL. The colors, the pumpkins, the warm drinks and all the fun activities that go along with it! I just love it! One thing that I am not in the majority on is pumpkin spice flavored anything. NO THANK YOU. It is just not my cup of tea (or coffee).

I may not love tasting them but I love looking at them. I just love coming home to see my pile of pumpkins and the gorgeous fall leaves that have fallen around them. It just warms my soul.


I decided to go all out for our front porch display this year.


Last weekend Jordan was having a guys weekend in Denver so Watson and I decided to start decorating the house for the season! There is nothing better than pumpkin hunting with your furry side kick. He loved it too!


We went to the Downtown Farmers Market and then off to a small pumpkin patch in town. Before going home we also stopped at our local grocery store to grab a few more big pumpkins that were on sale. Watson loved sniffing out all the pumpkins we needed. If only he helped load them in the car…


Once we got home with a trunk full of pumpkins the fun started. I had no vision except piles of pumpkins all over the the front steps.


I have this old bucket that I got at an antique shop. I haven’t found anything to do with it since I bought it but once I got all my small pumpkins home I knew they would be perfect in it!


While we were on our honeymoon my mom stayed at our house and planed us a kale plant and mum. My sweet friend Jess also dropped of two mums at our house. I have been searching the internet EVERY where for the perfect rugs from the front steps. I love the layered look but I am not into the farmhouse look, so I wanted something a bit different than the buffalo check. I found this rug at target and it was PERFECT. I also picked up this rug at target to complete the layered look. It was exactly the look I was going for.


My mom got us this lantern as a house warming gift from Pier 1 and I found these candles on Amazon. These candles are a little shorter than I thought they would be but they were a great price and they come with a remote that I can set a timer so they turn on and off all on their own. I can adjust the brightness and the flicker.


Excuse the Hunter boot tracks. The rain hasn’t stopped in Des Moines for weeks so the Hunters are getting plenty of use.


Seriously CANNOT get enough of this fall view. Of course the rest of my house needs a lot of work but I just wont invite anyone in. 😉


What are your favorite fall activities?

What do you do to keep the squirrels from stealing your pumpkins?



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