Top 10 must have baby products from Amazon

Okay, there are ALOT of baby products out there. It is so overwhelming! What sound machine is best? What rocking chair? Do I need this? Do I need that?

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The questions are non stop. I am going to lay out the top 10 products we purchased from Amazon that we use every day. They range from things our son loves to play with to things that made newborn/first time parent life so much easier!

  1. Snuggle Me Longer + Nursing/Support Pillow
  2. Wooden Play Gym
  3. Moses Basket
  4. Nanit
  5. Hatch Sound Machine
  6. Angelcare Baby Bath Support
  7. Skiphop Activity Table
  8. Nursery Rocker
  9. Comotomo Bottles
  10. Electric Nose Aspirator

Scroll down to read why we love each product! Also links to my Amazon Storefront with even more of our favorites at the end.

Snuggle Me Longer + Nursing/Support Pillow

There are quite a few different baby loungers out there but we decided to go with the Snuggle Me and we are so happy we did. Jensen was colicky and having the Snuggle Me was a game changer. We would lay him in it when we needed to give our arms a break. We would lay him in it when we would lay in bed with him. It even helped us transition him to his crib for naps! I did use a cover every time, we had a few accidents and it was nice to keep the actual lounger clean.

This one is kind of a two for one but since you can buy them as a set. I cannot recommend the nursing/support pillow enough. Especially if you are going to breastfeed. I use this pillow every time I nurse (at home, I don’t take it with me). It just makes breastfeeding so much more comfortable. This pillow takes the pressure off your arms when you are nursing and helps support the baby. Best investment EVER! As Jensen has gotten older we started using it as a support pillow for tummy time and then sitting. He hated tummy time so propping him over the pillow really helped. Then it is soft enough to catch him when he loses his balance while trying to sit. I have washed my pillow several times and it washes up and looks brand new!

Wooden Play Gym

I ordered this when Jensen was 2 weeks old and would just lay under it and look at it. He still loves it at 6 months and can sit up and play with the hanging toys. When he was around 2 – 3 months old he would talk and laugh the whole time he was trying to hit the toys hanging from it. Eventually he started use his feet and would spin circles under it. He would kick the post and it would never fall over. It with stood his excessive pulling and kicking and never once tipped over.

Hands down would recommend this toy to any parent!

Moses Basket

We have all seen the adorable pictures of babies in Moses baskets. I debated endlessly on which one to get. You can get them for around $40 to over $250. I didn’t know how much we would use it so I ended up going with the $40 one on Amazon. Even though we ended up using it a lot I am so happy we went with this one. We keep ours in the living room and it was perfect to lay Jensen down when we were eating dinner or needing to be hands free. He enjoyed laying in it while looking out the window. We also got the stand for it so we could rock him in it too. It was also easy to take with ups to my in-laws since they didn’t have a place for him to nap.

He has since grown out of being able to sleep in it but it is still our main prop in our monthly photo shoots! It is so fun to see him get bigger in the basket each month. At 6 months he was sitting up in the basket and I am sure it wont be long and he will be crawling out of it.


There are so many baby cameras on the market. It is absolutely overwhelming. I ended up give this task to my husband because he is way more into tech gadgets than I am but also he can be very practical when it comes to spending money. All cameras seemed great to me so I wasn’t sure if we needed all the bells and whistles. Jordan got to work researching all the camera’s and he came to me and said there was and obvious choice, Nanit. The clarity of the video is unmatched. He also loved the idea we could use our phones to keep an eye on him.

Last and most important the breath ware. With proper swaddles and sleep sack you are able to track your babies breathing while they are sleeping. As new parents this was such a relief. Jensen ended up having silent reflux which caused him to have stuffy sinus’. It was so scary listening to his breathing that having the Nanit showing me he was find gave me such piece of mind.

Hatch Sound Machine

We started out just using a travel sound machine and it was good just not great. Due to it being a travel machine it would die and wasn’t as loud. We made the decision to upgrade and we are so happy we did. There are so many sound and color options with the Hatch. It also has a time to rise feature that turns a light on to cue your toddler its time to get up. This sound machine sits on our dresser and now that Jensen is able to sit up he is able to grab it. He has figured out how to change the color and sound and thinks its the funniest thing ever!

The Hatch also has an app that makes it easy to control without having to go into your babies room. You can save 6 favorite settings, you can adjust the brightness of the light and adjust the volume of the sound.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

As a first time parent giving a newborn baby a bath is TERRIFYING. They are so small and fragile, putting them into tub of water is not ideal. This baby bath support as been a life saver. It kept Jensen secure in the water but he is still able to play while we make sure he gets clean.

I saw a hack in a Facebook group that when your baby is sitting up but might not be ready to sit directly in the tub yet. Just flip the Angelcare seat over and it still give baby support but allows for them to sit up on their own! So you get a little more life out of it too.

Skiphop Activity Table

We started putting Jensen in this for a few minutes at a time right before he turned 4 months old. (You want to make sure your baby has good neck support before putting them in an activity table.) Jensen Loved it right away! We have worked up to longer and longer time frames. Now that he is bigger he has figured out how to spin himself around and play with the different toys. He also loves to jump while he is in it.

This activity table has been a life saver when we are trying to cook dinner, put groceries away, anything that we need to be hands free and have him entertained. I will say the music this table plays is super catchy. We find ourselves dancing to it all the time. The coolest thing about this table is that it grows with your child. Eventually becoming a little table and chair set.

Nursery Rocker

I spent endless hours looking of a nursery rocker for Jensen’s room. I wanted something comfortable but also something that would fit with the decor in our nursery. Personally I found 9/10 rockers to be ugly and the one that I would find that fit my style would be either too expensive or have bad reviews. After going to all the depths of the internet I finally decided to check Amazon. I was surprised when I found a chair that not only fit my decor but also my budget. Bonus it had good reviews!

I also figured if I got it and we don’t like it/its not comfortable we can return it. When it arrived it was so easy to assemble! We had it put together in no time. The days after getting it we took turns sitting in it while we did things like reading or working. We loved it! The real test came when Jensen got here and its perfect for rocking him and feeding him. Its comfortable but not took comfortable you feel like you are going to fall asleep in it. It also cleans really well! We use Folex and it removes all of the milk spills and spit up spots!

Comotomo Bottles

We had a plan to breastfeed but I am also practical and I know that doesn’t always work for everyone so I wanted to be prepared. Good thing we were because Jensen ended up losing a lot of weight between us leaving the hospital and him going to his first doctors appointment that we had to start pumping and bottle feeding after breast feeding. These bottles were great because they are very breast like so it made for an easy back and forth transition.

Jensen also ended up having reflux and Colic so they bottles were very helpful with keeping any extra air out of his tummy. As he got a bit older he even was able to start holding them himself!

Electric Nose Aspirator

Jensen was diagnosed with silent reflux very early on. He would wake up congested and be gagging on the mucus built up in his sinuses. It was so hard to keep his airways clear. We tried everything from steaming the shower to the Frida Snortsucker. I was researching everything I could to help us give our baby some relief. I found this electric nose aspirator and it ended up being just what we needed. It is gentile for even the tiniest newborn nose but also has great suction to get all the boogies out. It has one attachment that is long for getting things way in the back. This ended up being just what we needed.

Even though now Jensen has out grown his silent reflux this device is so handy when he has a runny/stuffy nose. With a little saline to loosen everything up. We get teaspoons of mucus out of his nose at a time.

You can find even more Amazon products that we love in my Amazon Storefront here.

You can find more Amazon toys we love in our Amazon Storefront here.

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

What are your favorite baby products?

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