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Jensen’s Nursery

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I have been dreaming up this nursery before we even decided to start trying for a baby. I knew I wanted something that would work no matter the gender, that would be timeless and simple. When I was board I would make vision boards and save all the products I wanted to use in the room. As soon as we got the positive test that Jensen was officially on his way we dove into making his room come to life.

Thanks to the pandemic we found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands and were able to get to work early. We painted the room with Sherwin Williams Snowbound and ripped everything out of the closet to start over fresh.

Shelves | Rug | Foot Stools | Rocker | Dog Bed | Lamp | Table | rug is FB market place find

My first purchase for the nursery was a dog bed. Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and we wanted them to feel included and not replaced with a new baby. Putting a bed in his room was just what we needed to do for them to feel that way. During the anticipation of his arrival we would sit and do calming things in his room and the dogs learned this is a place to be calm and relaxed. Now that Jensen is here they come and lay in the bed when I am nursing or when we are playing on the floor. If you are a dog person you under stand how heart warming this is.

Basket | Large Dog | Small Dog | Orange Blanket | Cream Blanket | Rug | Foot Stools | Rocker

As you can see they were very excited the room was coming together and their baby brother was going to be here soon!

Basket | Crib | Blanket | Crib Sheets | Sign | Camera

Plants are a big part of the decor in our home so I had to incorporate some in his room! Snake plants are resilient plants and perfect for a nursery. They do well without a tone of light, they don’t need to be watered often and they purify the air!

Shelves | Blocks | Dog | Hangers | Hippo Rattle | Wood Rattle

Jensen’s book shelves are my favorite spot in his room. I love that they are functional but also decrotive. We love reading Jensen books every night and I hope using books as decoration in his room will inspire him to love to read. I also love that I can switch the books out often. Click here to see the shelves decorated for Christmas.

Rattle | Breeds Book | Hippo Rattle | Shelves | Blocks | Dog
Bats | Garland | Pajamas | Ghost Book | Little Kitten | Ghost Face book | Ghost Cat Book

Here are the shelves decorated for Halloween!

Changing Basket | Mirror | Mobile | Basket | Wood Toy | Booties | Shelves

Oddly enough the changing table is Jensen’s favorite part of his room. He LOVES this changing basket. It was definitely a splurge but I don’t regret it one bit. It calms him when he was upset, he likes to look around his room and just enjoy playing with a clean diaper. I scored the dresser off of Facebook Market Place. I wanted something that would grow with him but also function as a changing space.

Basket | Wood Toy | Booties | Shelves

Another great place for a plant! I also love these shelves because we incorporated pieces of our own childhoods. The dog was mine for as long as I can remember. I named him Odie after the first family dog my family had. This dog comforted me through so much and I can’t believe he is still in the shape he is in. The Pinocchio Book was from Jordan’s childhood. His dad use to read it to him at night. We can’t wait to make memories with Jensen like these.

Also notice the Dean Winchester funko. If you didn’t know we named Jensen after Jensen Ackles. We love the show Supernatural and binged it when I was pregnant with him. We kept coming back to the name and once we met our sweet boy we knew that was his name, well after 36 hours.

Sling | Hanger | Bag

I didn’t know I could love a diaper bag. But this bad is amazing. It is from a small shop and so beautifully made. They seriously thought of everything. When I received the bag in the mail it came with a hand written thank you note. Also when Jordan saw it he thanked me for finding something he is excited to carry around!

Last but not least the spot I spend so much time. This photo was taken in the days leading up to Jensen’s arrival. We loved hanging out in his room dreaming of what life with him would be like. Now this space is full on nursing and pumping headquarters. It is perfect for late night feedings or just snuggling a sweet baby. We read Jensen his evening books here and you can find the dogs right where you see them here.

I get asked a lot of questions about sources for the nursery. I tried to link what I could but if something is missing please feel free to ask!

What ended up being your babies favorite spot in his/her nursery?

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