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Aesthetically Pleasing Christmas Children’s Books

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are laying in bed reading books with my mom. I find myself reaching for the books I use to love as a child to read to Jensen at night. My husband, Jordan, and I read him two books a night, even though he is only 3 months old and falls a sleep during it, it’s our favorite part of the day. So with the holidays coming up I gave his book shelves a little holiday spirt. I love using books to decorate his room, it is cute but also functional.

When it comes to using books as decor in the nursery I want them to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible but also fun to read. Some children’s books these days are cute but the covers are just a lot, IMO.

With Christmas quickly approaching I started hunting for books that were not only fun to read but also would look cute sitting on the shelf. There are so many it was hard to choose!

Here are seven books I found that we have enjoyed reading but also function as cute Christmas decor in a nursery!

Pick a Pine Tree

Pick a Pine Tree can be found on Amazon here

This book is not only a super cute story about picking out a Christmas tree it is so beautifully illustrated. When I first picked this one up I couldn’t stop flipping trough it to look at the pictures. So fun to read before or after you pick our your family Christmas tree or after you decorate. They even have a version where the tree at the end is a pop up!

The Little Reindeer

The Little Reindeer can be found on Amazon here.

We discovered Nicola Killen’s books during Halloween when we ordered the little Kitten. The main character Ollie is an adventurous and curious little girl who loves animals. In The Little Reindeer Ollie befriends a reindeer on one of her adventures. Like Pick a Pine Tree this book is so beautifully illustrated. Each page is absolutely stunning and has fun cut outs that link to the next pages.


We all know the story of Rudolf but I had never thought to question the origin of the other reindeer. This story is so cute and fun to read with your littles. Even my husband said we would be reading this over and over again this holiday season. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and so is the cover. But if you take the cover off you are left with a simple and stunning image of the north star.

The Polar Express

Find The Polar Express on Amazon here.

I had to throw a classic into the mix. The Polar Express reignites the belief in everyone even the adults. I have always enjoyed this story and imaged looking out my own childhood bedroom window and finding a train ready to take me to the North Pole. I purchased the 30th Anniversary addition because the pictures are breath taking and full of detail. It also comes with a bonus ornament, which is so fun for your littles to put on the tree after reading. Another great detail about this book is if you remove the cover you get the minimal detail of Santa’s bell on a crimson book. Perfect to off set the other covers on your self.

Silent Night

If you aren’t a signer like me this book is for you! This takes the classic carol is taken to the next level with gorgeous illustrations. I will say it is hard to read this book out loud without singing it. Either way this book is perfect to start teaching you littles the classic carols!

12 Days of Christmas

Another classic Christmas carol turned book in the most stunning way. As we all know (and like many children’s books) this song is very repetitive. But unlike the Wonkey Donkey this one looks cute on your book shelf! At the end of this book there is also a fun “where’s waldo” of all the items from the 12 days of Christmas and the history of the carol. Which makes it a fun learning experience too.

Christmas Cheer

Like most board books, this isn’t a long or detailed story. Story aside this book is super cute to look at. Each page is uniquely shaped with the cutest illustrated characters. This books is small and the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to an advent calendar!

Other books for your festive bookshelves!

Here are a few other books that would look cute in your reading nook but also are adorable stories to read with your littles!

links: Little Red Sleigh / Last Stop on the Reindeer Express / The Night Before Christmas / When Santa was a Baby / The Wish Tree / The Tree that’s Meant to be / Zeta the Poinsettia / Finding Christmas / The Mitten

What were some of your favorite children’s books as a kid?

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