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Summer Pool Party

At our house we love throwing little pool parties when the weather gets warm. The past year they have mostly been for our fluff Watson. He lives for water. Our other fluff Zoe isn’t a fan. Now that Jensen has joined our family, he is all about it too. So naturally I had to up our pool party game.

In the past we have had just a ten dollar plastic pool for the dogs that we picked up from Target. I wanted something a little different for Jensen so I picked up this super cute lemon baby pool from Target this year!

Jensen’s suit linked here

It is super easy to blow up and the best part is there is a plug to pull on the bottom to let the water out. So convenient then trying to flip it over full of water.

Watson turned 8 in May and I was trying to think of something fun to get him for his birthday. While searching Amazon I ended up finding quite a few things that were perfect for summer in the pool!

First I found this dog and kid friendly splash pad! Watson loves to lay in the water so I thought it would be perfect for him. I also thought it would be great for Jensen if he didn’t like to sit in his pool. I was right both of them love it!

Next, I thought bubbles would be fun. The dogs like to chase them and we hadn’t introduced Jensen to bubbles yet. I found this bubble machine with great reviews. It makes the best bubbles. I also had to snag some bacon scented bubbles for the pups as well!

Jensen loves watching the bubbles and the dogs are all about the bacon scent!

Zoe is obsessed with tennis balls. We have a bunch but I wanted to get something that Jensen and the dogs could play with. I found ball pit balls and order a big pack of them. These were a huge hit with everyone. The dogs kept diving for them in their pool and Jensen loved splashing around in his pool with some too!

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